How to Choose a Toner and Ink Cartridge Supplier in Davenport, Iowa

How to Choose a Toner and Ink Cartridge Supplier in Davenport, Iowa
How to choose a toner and ink cartridge supplier in Davenport Iowa

The flow of documents throughout a company is still the primary way a business processes information. Although the organization’s workflow may be electronically optimized, physical documents and records remain vital to most operational routines. Companies understand that employee productivity relies on the ability to print documents daily and the overhead associated with this activity is a necessary burden.

Companies can still find other ways to reduce the costs of printing and copying in the organization. One of the main areas a company can save money is by reducing the costs of toner and ink cartridges. While Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) cartridges are quite expensive, remanufactured units provide an easy way to reduce operational expenditure. Other options include moving to a managed services supplier model or leasing a device at a reduced cost with a single cartridge supplier.

Read on to learn what to look for when choosing a toner or ink cartridge supplier in Davenport, Iowa.

The Vendor Supplies Remanufactured Toner and Ink Cartridges

Regardless of what the OEMs want companies to believe, remanufactured cartridges are just as good as their expensive counterparts. As the cartridge is recycled, not only is it more environmentally friendly to use them, it also drastically reduces the cost per unit. With recycling companies also providing extended yield modifications, businesses gain more significant savings without compromising device reliability or print quality.

The benefits of using remanufactured include:

  • Savings of between 30 to 60 percent per cartridge
  • Improved yield of up to 20 percent more prints per cartridge
  • Similar (if not more exceptional) print quality than the OEM versions
  • Reduced environmental impact with cartridges used multiple times.

Reputable resellers will ensure the cartridge complies with the necessary manufacturing standards. If the toner supplier does offer remanufactured cartridges, companies should ensure they employ similar quality control. While there were concerns about refilling OEM units, the Supreme Court sided with resellers, boosting the industry and improving the remanufactured cartridges’ quality.

The Vendor’s Geographical Footprint

As printing supplies are vital to the daily operations of the business, a supplier with a local footprint should get preference over online shops. Most vendors allow online ordering for cartridges, but if the intent is to reduce costs, then buying from a commercial seller in an emergency to avoid downtimes defeats the purpose.

If a vendor caters for a specific area, they’ll be able to deliver the supplies to your office on the same day. Even better, if the company uses a managed print services vendor, the supplier will restock the device without the company having to place an order. By monitoring the printer’s volume and daily consumption, cartridges ship to the company before anyone knows they are running low.

The Vendor’s History and Reputation

The print consumables industry suffered some reputational damage in the past, as people ordered refill kits from Asia in an attempt to provide low-cost alternatives to the OEM cartridges. While poorly recycled cartridges are no longer prevalent, a vendor’s reputation and history of customer satisfaction will provide insight into the quality of their products. Companies that only recently started operations may not necessarily be an indication of lower quality service, but the longer a vendor has provided their services to the community, the higher the guarantee on the products they offer.

Companies looking for new vendors should do their due diligence on the suppliers in their region. All cartridges (even the remanufactured ones) should come with a warranty. Additionally, reputable vendors will reward companies for their patronage. It could come in the form of loyalty programs or further discounts or even free printer leases for companies consuming a certain amount of supplies per month.

The Vendor’s Commitment to Environmentally Sustainable Practices

In order to reduce the effect on the environment, every company needs to do its part. Vendors who commit to sustainable solutions and green initiatives show a dedication to the planet. As the paper and print industry does create many negative environmental impacts, it’s better to find a vendor that understands they have a responsibility to limit the effects.

Luckily, if a vendor is recycling toner and ink cartridges for their customers, they are reducing the number of cartridges that end up in landfills annually. By 2017, companies discarded an estimated 80 million used cartridges over the globe that will take between 400 and 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Cost-Effective Resupply from Cartridge World Davenport, Iowa

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