The 7 Top Features to Look for When Shopping for a Multifunction Printer

The 7 Top Features to Look for When Shopping for a Multifunction Printer
Features of multifunction printers

There are very few instances when an office would benefit from having a separate printer, fax machine, photocopier, and scanner. However, almost every office appreciates the many features which multifunction printers deliver. Here are a few favorites to look for when shopping for one of these devices.

1. Reduced Office Footprint

Say goodbye to the printing room, or even the printing corner – the place which has reached the same legendary status as the water cooler in its ability to foster gossip and employee disappearances. Multifunction printers put all the critical print environment functions into one device that’s smaller than a typical refrigerator. Likewise, its smaller footprint means it can be put in a more strategic location, such as a place where everyone can quickly and easily access it. 

2. Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Almost every model of the multifunction printer on the market is EnergyStar-certified.  The US government grants this certification to equipment which demonstrates the ability to perform at lower energy consumption rates than at least 75 percent of non-certified devices. EnergyStar, therefore, isn’t just a certification which can be bought. It actually makes a difference.


Multifunction printers meet this requirement beautifully. In addition to eliminating the excessive electricity use of multiple devices, the typical multifunction printer comes laden with features such as low-energy use mode, and the ability to sleep like a computer when not in use. 

3. An Affordable Price

Shopping for office equipment is not for the faint of heart. Easily running into the thousands of dollars, printers must be budgeted for and chosen carefully by a team of buyers who are mentally prepared to undertake the task. Fortunately, multifunction printers are among the most affordable options available. They’re meant to be accessible both in usability and in price point. 

4. A Reliable Warranty

Printers, like all machinery, do break down and need periodic maintenance. However, most major brands office come with robust warranties to ensure that the device stays running as long as possible. To get the most out of a printer, look for a reliable warranty which covers things like preventative maintenance, replacement of defective parts, or other care pack services.


Likewise, do a little digging about the company’s history of fulfilling such a warranty. A reputable company will always see them fulfilled. 

5. Integration and Connectivity Capabilities

Multifunction printers were invented specifically to amplify the productivity of an office by enhancing the workflow. One way this occurs is through integration software which allows a printer to connect seamlessly with an office’s network. Integration software allows staff to access print functions from their own computers. Additionally, it allows companies to leverage the use of other productivity tools and apps to streamline workflow. Multifunction printers perform at their best when they’re highly connected to the other technology in a workspace. 

6. An Intuitive Interface

Just because a printer is versatile and powerful doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult to use. In fact, multifunction printers from reputable brands aren’t. Even the most no-frills devices now come with intuitive touchscreens and standard interfaces. Employees need to spend less time learning a device, and more time performing high-impact tasks that make the business run. Likewise, standardization further reduces user frustration by allowing users to access the full printing fleet after having mastered a single interface.

7. Modern Security

Multifunction printers are modern devices. As such, they should have modern security. Printer manufacturers are generally aware of the cyber risks surrounding printers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re prioritizing print or data security. Therefore, look for a brand which demonstrates a commitment to helping companies keep their print environment secure through measures such as:

  •       Including printer security software rather than something which needs to be bought separately.
  • Performing routine patching and security updates for printers.
  • Providing measures to integrate printer security with a company’s wider IT security policy. 

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Multifunction printers are one of the biggest revolutions in office technology since the photocopier. They have significantly altered office infrastructure by providing one convenient and centralized productivity hub. Numerous types of multifunction printers exist, each with their own set of advantages depending on what a business needs. Choosing the right one will transform an office environment, propelling it to new levels of efficiency.

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices? There are a lot of options out there. Connect with a specialist who can help guide your selection today.