What Are the Emerging Trends in Cyber Security for 2019?

What Are the Emerging Trends in Cyber Security for 2019?
What are the emerging trends in cyber security for 2019

The past year or two alone have brought tremendous changes to the realm of cyber security. An explosion of new technologies has irrevocably changed the digital landscape. The emerging trends in cyber security are sending a clear message: the era of simply creating a strong password and walking away are long, long over.

As the year unfolds, certain themes are rising which underscore the sheer dynamism of the digital environment. Here are the eight emerging trends signaling the beginning of the future, and what cyber security experts will need to watch as the year continues.

1. The Growth of the IoT

The Internet of Things is here! With the first examples of 5G already in the hands of consumers, the world is already a step closer to a fully digital future. The IoT will bring a fundamental change in the way cyber security is conducted because it’s no longer going to occur only on computers. With the IoT, cyber security will have to manage not just a more dynamic terrain, but a vastly increased amount of data flying through the bands.

2. Cryptomining Malware

Cryptocurrency has suffered in the past year or two, and now it’s facing yet another challenge: mining malware. Cryptomining malware is a type of malware which hijacks a computer and uses it to mine cryptocurrency. Although not a new phenomenon at all, this malware is increasingly targeting businesses to mine increasingly obscure cryptocurrencies. Why? Bitcoin went bust and the race is on to find another bubble.

3. New Dimensions of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is taking advantage of the increased digital connectivity of the modern workplace. Employees can now access company technology from their phones such as printers or interactive screens. However, this introduces new challenges for cybersecurity professionals because these devices are not necessarily under the direct control of IT. Keeping a business environment safe with numerous unknowns is changing the way companies think about security.

4. Exploring Enhanced Cloud Security

The cloud has long been assumed to be far safer than any other form of storage. However, events in the past year have rocked that assumption, and forced cyber security professionals to take another look at this technology which is rapidly transforming businesses. Making matters more interesting is the fact that the same nature of cloud technology is standing in the way of developing new, enhanced cloud security. 

5. Phishing Attacks

Phishing, the art of tricking users into handing over their sensitive information, is experiencing renewed interest from scammers. Phishing takes advantage of the average user’s distracted state and ever more sophisticated mimicry to fool them into clicking on a fraudulent link.

6. An Emphasis on User Awareness

It might be getting easier to use devices, but it’s also getting easier to overlook device security. With most data breaches occurring because of user error, it’s becoming more and more obvious that companies must train their staff on not just use, but secure use. This means learning to identify secure networks, social engineering, and how to correctly use – or avoid – personal devices in the workplace.

7. Shadow Inventory Management

Shadow IT refers to the presence of digital or IT infrastructure in a company which isn’t known to or controlled by the IT department. It’s been a topic of discussion through 2018, but this is the year where the dangers of such infrastructure become widely known. Shadow IT introduces numerous security risks into an environment, and hackers have noticed. Companies must find a way to identify, track, and control it moving forward into this year.

8. The Death of Passwords

In April 2019, Microsoft quietly announced the plan to eliminate passwords for Windows 10 users. Gartner likewise has predicted that password use will drop by 55 percent in 2019 as more secure methods of authentication are developed. Expect to see a steady and persistent movement towards a password-free future.

Stay Abreast with the Emerging Trends in Cyber Security

Without a doubt, the emerging trends in cybersecurity are signaling a fundamental shift in the way companies approach cyber security. The digitalized world is handling increasingly vast amounts of data, and this feature is introducing exponentially more opportunities for malicious actors to seize valuable data. Cyber security must evolve at the rate which technology does – if for no other reason than because hackers certainly are. Cyber security works in tandem with printing and document management policies to ensure data security. Contact us today to get started with an assessment of your company’s data security and printing environment.

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