Hidden Savings Available from Managed Print Services for Manufacturing Firms

Hidden Savings Available from Managed Print Services for Manufacturing Firms
Hidden Savings Available from Managed Print Services for Manufacturing Firms

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, many organizations are implementing cost-cutting measures. Manufacturing and distribution firms may want to review their current operations and identify those areas where the most significant savings are available. Managed Print Services (or MPS) provides a unique opportunity to cut operational costs while streamlining its document processes.

When not adequately controlled, a manufacturing company’s printing costs can quickly add up due to waste and inefficient equipment. In a survey of more than 1,000 SMBs, 64% reported that they couldn’t accurately track their print costs or volumes.

Cost Cutting and Hidden Savings from Manufacturing MPS Solutions

As the manufacturing and distribution sectors depend heavily on paper documents, keeping track of every print job across the fleet of devices should be a priority for firms. Read on for five of the hidden savings available for manufacturing firms when moving to a Managed Print Services solution.

1. Controlling Every Print or Copy in a Facility

A formal print management solution is vital due to the high volume of printing required during the manufacturing and product distribution processes. If the organization cannot accurately track every job, it will lead to wasteful practices and runaway costs. In offices, a worker may print up to 10,000 pages on average every year. In a manufacturing facility, it could be much higher.

One of the best ways to save money on copiers and printers is to establish control over the fleet. MPS solutions will monitor all the devices and enforce stricter policies to limit wasteful printing and copying practices. With greater oversight, the firm can establish a formal policy to reduce waste by recording every print or copy job and tracking each back to the individual user or device.

2. Access to Efficient Multifunction Devices

Older model printers and copiers use more ink and electricity during operation. To cut down on costs, the firm should upgrade their equipment to modern and efficient multifunction devices. An MPS solution can help consolidate a fleet of devices with newer units capable of handling various workflows.

Cartridge World also provides remanufactured toner supplies, further helping cut down on printing and copying costs. Manufacturers can optimize their entire print and document production process by opting to use MPS solutions.

3. Decreased Downtimes and Delays

Manufacturers depend on printers to get their products out to market. If a specific printer has an issue, it could cause delays while the company waits for repairs. Moving to an MPS solution will ensure the device receives the required maintenance and services when required, keeping all devices operating as expected.

With devices that operate reliably every day, manufacturers can reduce the risk of delays and ensure their entire team remains productive. Depending on the MPS agreement details, supplies will also arrive before running out because the responsible company will track the duty cycle of each device and ship new toner as required.

4. Reduced IT Overheads

Printers usually fall under the IT department’s responsibility and can take up a lot of time from the company’s expert resources. Almost 25% of all IT service requests deal with printer issues. In most cases, the IT desk will still need to report the problem to a third-party vendor who has the necessary expertise to repair the unit. Service calls can cost the firm between $40 and $330, depending on the printer type and the issue involved.

With Managed Print Services, the IT department is free to focus on their work while the service provider handles all print-related issues. Additionally, the MPS Company can monitor devices remotely and will usually detect any issues early. An MPS solution will reduce the burden on IT resources while ensuring devices operate reliably.

5. Improved Information Security

The rise in cybercrimes makes every connected device a possible entry point for hackers. A successful ransomware attack could end up costing the company dearly to regain access to their IT system. Once the hackers are inside the network, they can encrypt all company information and hold the firm ransom until they make the payment.

MPS provides enhanced print security, ensuring every device receives the necessary software updates as it becomes available. Manufacturing firms can also prevent data breaches by implementing strict print release processes, preventing uncollected documents from becoming an information security risk.

Save Money and Improve Print Security with MPS from Cartridge World

Cartridge World tailors our MPS solutions to fit the organization’s workflows and document processes for manufacturing companies that need to save money on printing costs. With our No-Cost Printer Program, manufacturers won’t have to lease or buy new equipment. Cartridge World will take overall responsibility for the printers, and the company only has to buy toner supplies from us. We can help with any company’s cost-cutting initiatives by providing a streamlined, reliable, and secure Managed Print Services solution.

For more details on how Managed Print Services can help your manufacturing company save money, request a print assessment from Cartridge World today.