Print Fleet Optimization – Why Now is the Perfect Time to Upgrade

Print Fleet Optimization – Why Now is the Perfect Time to Upgrade
Print Fleet Optimization – Why Now is the Perfect Time to Upgrade

America is slowly getting back to work in many areas and companies are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and speed up their workflows. An organization can cut costs and increase profits by looking at their print fleet’s optimization. Most businesses still depend on their printers and copiers to manage information flowing through different company departments. Printer optimization can help increase the company’s efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and keep the entire team working productively every day.

Reviewing the current print environment and can answer questions like:

  • How much is printing and copying tasks costing the company?
  • Where can the company gain new efficiencies by leveraging the latest technologies?
  • What equipment does the company use, and does it still serve their business workflows?
  • Who are the biggest users, and what is the organization paying for toner and supplies?

4 Benefits Available from Print Fleet Optimization

The daily cost of printing can add up quickly. Laser cartridges can run as high as $840 every year, while a cheap printer can cost 8.9 cents per page for color prints. Even when investing in a more expensive device, the company will still pay more than 8 cents for every color print. Taking the time to optimize the print fleet now can help the organization save money, streamline their workflows, and establish a reliable document production process. Here are four benefits available to companies from printer fleet optimization.

1. Helps Control Runaway Printing Costs

An unmanaged print fleet leads to wasteful practices and unreported expenses. By reviewing all print operations, companies can find where they are wasting money and implement policies to reduce these costs. Print fleet optimization starts by assessing the current environment, the company’s processes, and their usage.

A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can then design a solution that suits all the document-related workflows. They will also establish the necessary oversight to prevent wasteful printing across the fleet of devices.

2. Provides an Efficient and Reliable Fleet of Multifunction Printers

Any printer that’s older than five years will usually cost more to operate. Replacing these units with modern multifunction devices can reduce energy costs and save money on toner and ink. Like computer equipment, newer printers are smaller and use less electricity during operation, while having better imaging technologies to reduce the amount of ink required for every print.

Newer equipment will be less prone to breakdown and malfunction, increasing the office’s efficiency with a reliable fleet of printers. If a device requires frequent repairs that cause extended downtimes, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

3. Streamlining All Document Related Processes

Optimizing the print fleet is also an opportunity to review all documentation related processes. With many workforces operating remotely over the last year, some workflows may already be obsolete. Reviewing every process and streamlining the workflows can bring additional savings to the company.

4. Reduces the Environmental Footprint of the Business

Even if the initiative aims to streamline print operations and increase staff efficiencies, running a sustainable business should still factor in the optimization process. By using remanufactured toner, the company will save money while doing their part for the environment. Manufacturing toner cartridges use many natural resources and produce chemicals like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). By reusing cartridges, companies will pay less for supplies while limiting the number of emissions required for manufacturing new OEM products.

Optimizing Print Fleets with Managed Print Services

MPS solutions can help organizations find new efficiencies for their document production workflows. As the MPS Company will take overall responsibility for the fleet, the business will have access to reliable printers and copiers that use less ink and energy. An MPS Company will work with the organization to understand their current usage and find ways to optimize all workflows to reduce costs and streamline operations.

Another benefit of partnering with an MPS provider is improved information security. With so many new cyber threats putting businesses of all sizes at risk, securing the print fleet is vital to prevent an attack from succeeding. Managed print solutions will ensure every device receives the necessary security patches as required, preventing hackers from using printers to access the company’s networks.

Streamline Business Workflows with MPS from Cartridge World

As business operations start returning to normal, organizations should take this opportunity to review their current workflows and look for new opportunities to increase efficiency. Moving to an MPS model enables companies to leverage the latest technologies and business productivity tools, helping them streamline all their document-related processes.

Organizations will gain better visibility into their print costs and wasteful practices while also having access to secure print solutions. The company will benefit from reduced operational costs, improved asset utilization, and dedicated support from experienced technicians. To discuss your print fleet’s optimization with a team of dedicated experts, get in touch with Cartridge World today.