How Going Green Can Save Your Business Money with Managed Print Services

How Going Green Can Save Your Business Money with Managed Print Services
How Going Green can save your Business Money with Managed Print Services

Any responsible corporate entity will acknowledge the necessity of moving towards a more environmentally sustainable business model. In the past, these laborious initiatives delivered little to no real business value. However, in the modern economy, customers prefer doing business with a socially engaged and environmentally friendly organization. As the business world keeps speeding up, finding innovative solutions to improve office productivity while remaining an excellent corporate citizen rarely came with cost savings.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is one area where companies gain both cost efficiencies while reducing their total carbon footprint. Most companies still rely heavily on printing and copying operations during their daily workflows. Although this overhead remains a necessary part of doing business, few organizations realize how many opportunities for implementing sustainable practices it provides.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services includes both the provision and oversight of a company’s physical document production volumes from an external service provider. As companies grow and scale, their office infrastructure usually takes a back seat to more immediate expenditures and budget items. This often results in legacy technology systems and outdated information processing workflows that need to accommodate for the absence of modern technology.

With an MPS partner, companies gain access to newer technology without the hefty price tag, while also receiving expert advice and leadership from dedicated professionals. MPS include everything a company needs from its print fleet, including the hardware and technological controls to regain oversight over the company’s entire print workflows.

Managed Print Services include:

  • Hardware and printer placement
  • Device maintenance and services
  • Automatic supply replenishment and restocking
  • Cost monitoring and usage tracking
  • A single monthly fee for the entire service
  • Performance review and IT department collaboration
  • Dedicated support and repairs for any faulty devices

While the above reduces a business’s overall costs associated with operating their own printers, it also enables organizations to track their actual footprint and make worthwhile changes in order to achieve sustainability goals. For companies that need both cost savings and improvement of their environmentally friendly initiatives, an MPS partner offers real solutions that drive down their carbon footprint.

Reducing the Organization’s Carbon Footprint with a Revamped Print Solution

With improved oversight, companies regain the ability to intervene in wasteful practices. While employees are required to focus on a myriad of issues daily, ensuring they continue to deliver on the business mission and vision becomes a lesser priority. Notwithstanding these benefits, for organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint, an MPS solution offers additional opportunities to achieve the company’s goals.

Conserving Electrical Power

Most modern Multifunction Printers (MFPs) provide reduced power consumption than older technologies. The exact watt ratings for new hardware is included in the features and specifications of the devices. With new ENERGY STAR rated hardware options, a company can reduce its carbon footprint quickly and easily. An MPS company can advise on which products utilize the least amount of electricity while remaining efficient within the office. As the Sleep Mode setting on MFPs uses the least amount of power, the time it takes to “wake up” before a print may affect the office’s productivity.

Equipment End-of-Life Logistics

The proper disassembly and recycling of obsolete equipment is no easy task. With an MPS solution, companies no longer have to worry whether their old printers end up in landfills. As the plastics and other materials used to fabricate machines cause environmental damage, ensuring none of the organization’s hardware ends up in a dump goes a long way to building a sustainable enterprise.

Recycling and Remanufacturing Consumables

Recycling paper and toner or ink cartridges does reduce the carbon footprint of a company, but reusing both would be better for the environment. Sustainable printing practices require effective strategies to both reduce the number of prints, as well as improve the utilization of crucial consumables. MPS solutions can provide remanufactured toner and ink cartridges, reducing the need for newly produced units.

A remanufactured toner cartridge costs less than its OEM equivalent, while also ensuring companies don’t waste the plastic on a single-use unit. As an MPS partner will also provide recycling services, once a toner cartridge does reach the end of its lifecycle and can no longer produce quality prints, it will be disposed of using environmentally effective recycling processes. The act of recycling carries its own carbon footprint, so reuse remains the better option for green initiatives.

Cartridge World as your Green Initiative Solution Expert

Additional software and tools can further improve any office’s green initiatives. With Cartridge World, access to a reduced carbon footprint is an inherent component of the Managed Print Services solutions. Cartridge World assists companies with regaining oversight and control of their print-related expenditures and finds optimal solutions that cater to any offices environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

For reduced carbon footprints of your company’s print fleet, contact Cartridge World and speak to an expert today.