How Managed Print Services Can Streamline Your Healthcare Organization in Moline, Illinois

How Managed Print Services Can Streamline Your Healthcare Organization in Moline, Illinois
How Managed Print Services Can Streamline Your Healthcare Organization in Moline, Illinois

Managed Print Services (MPS) exists to make office spaces run smoother. “Print” implies that MPS has to do with printers or similar equipment, but it is more than just those devices. MPS is comprised of the technology, the papers, and documents that go with it, and the people who directly influence and maintain it.

Managed print services in healthcare handles all the little, tedious tasks that can be time-consuming. If an office is not working as efficiently as it could be, MPS could solve many of the problems – especially those related to printing and document production, as well as distribution. MPS interference makes healthcare organizations’ to-do lists much shorter, and it presents a host of benefits to those who employ it.

Managed Print Services Saves Money

One of the most apparent benefits that come from utilizing managed print services in healthcare organizations is that the office becomes more cost-effective. With MPS employed, an office’s document production costs can be between one-third and one-half less than before.

MPS looks at the office environment’s current printing situation and evaluates what to change from there. Printer costs can be cut by replacing more expensive printers that have functions and abilities that an office may not require. Additionally, MPS goes the extra mile to replace equipment that is not functioning as it should – thereby saving offices time and money by getting rid of inefficient devices that constantly need maintenance.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency and Improved Processes

A lot of time is wasted in the healthcare profession, and about 55% of that wasted time is spent dealing with documentation. With MPS around to streamline the organization, healthcare workers will not have to dedicate so much time to finding and filing the proper documentation. With equipment that functions at its full capability, there will be no more struggling to fax or print important documents.

MPS also acquires replacements and refills when needed for the healthcare organization, as healthcare professionals have limited time, and it should not be spent ordering items like paper and ink.

Digitizing files – transferring important print documents to a safer digital server – can save incredible amounts of time, eliminating the fear of losing confidential folders or damaging important papers. Files are easier to locate digitally, too – all it takes is a quick search on the desktop, saving time from the outdated method of searching through file cabinets for a patient’s full medical history. A healthcare organization will be able to dedicate their time to where it is needed – their patients.

Accessible Across the Board

Too often, people try to pull up an important document on the go, but it turns out to be inaccessible to handheld devices. The world is moving toward mobile access for all aspects of life – bank accounts, news updates, social media browsing – so why not include healthcare?

Managed print services can aid a healthcare organization by digitizing documents and making them more accessible. Most people tend to have a cell phone in their hands, and since other decisions can be made with a tap of the finger, so can scheduling appointments and looking up previous visits.

Managed print services for healthcare, organizes all the important documents in one place, accessible from anywhere. Being able to pull up a patient’s information anytime, anywhere, is more convenient than a paper alternative that could easily be lost.

Managed Print Services Complies with HIPAA Laws

Privacy matters significantly in the healthcare industry. Patients do not want their confidential information leaked, and healthcare professionals do not want their office’s reputation or the conditions of their patients compromised. Employing managed print services is a choice for greater security.

About half of patients would leave their healthcare providers if they had doubts about the security of their sensitive information. Security should not be left with a hole or a question mark – it needs to be a priority, and managed print services can help healthcare organizations back up and secure the essential files of their patients.

With digitized files on the healthcare organization’s server, a backup is always within arm’s reach. Backups take just a moment to create but are immensely useful in cases of data failure. Paper files get lost often, but it’s very difficult to lose a file that has been digitized and backed up.

Gain Sustainability Through Managed Print Services in Healthcare

Creating secure digital files for the quantity of paperwork in healthcare organizations does not only build trust between a healthcare organization and its patients, but it minimizes an office’s carbon footprint as well. Around 85% of waste in the healthcare industry is general and non-hazardous – and a lot of that is paper. MPS allows for a more sustainable source of document production by finding environmentally-friendly device options and digitizing files to cut down on paper presence in healthcare offices. Digitizing files is worth looking into, and it is just one of the services that MPS could offer a healthcare office.

Newer printers can print on both sides of the page. If an office is using an outdated printer that does not have that capability, it is time for an upgrade. The two-sided print feature makes for a more environmentally-friendly option and will reduce an office’s carbon footprint. Less paper will be thrown out if health packets and important documents or announcements use both sides of the page.

Managed Print Services with Cartridge World

With managed print services in healthcare, an office can grow and perform to the best of its abilities, giving patients the quality of care they deserve. When healthcare professionals have fewer stressors adding up, they can work more efficiently. MPS takes care of the office printing environment, so employees do not have to wrestle with uncooperative technology or ordering new items.

Cartridge World offers managed print services in healthcare to any office that desires it. These services grow along with a company – strategy reports change as the needs of the company change.

Focus on your patients, not your paper. Lean on Cartridge World to get the job done.