Situations When Mobile Printing Will be Beneficial for your Business

Situations When Mobile Printing Will be Beneficial for your Business
How Mobile Printing Benefits Businesses Today

For many years, many businesses could only upload files to printers via a direct connection to a computer or storage system. Office workers needed to rush to the office each time they needed to print out important company documents or provide presentation material. The process was extremely inconvenient, especially if there were delays caused by traffic or bad weather.

Now, whenever the business requires time-sensitive material, they can rely on mobile printing to get the job done. A small printer server with 20 to 25 Mbytes of disk space may only handle enough data for small workgroups sending out an occasional email. In an increasingly connected digital era, companies can’t update or store the information in servers fast enough to distribute urgent material.

The process of mobile printing doesn’t require workers to store the data on servers before they become available to print, which can help companies improve workflow and stay updated on urgent matters.

In this article, we’ll provide insight on how a mobile printer works and discuss which situations a business may find these printers to be beneficial. 

What Is Mobile Printing?

Although they may sound complicated to use, mobile printing allows workers to quickly handle print tasks without any internal obstacles. A document can be stored and edited on a mobile device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Once an office worker is ready to print out the document, they can instantly send the print job out to the printer.

Otherwise, the worker must activate a print cycle onsite at the printer or from a different multifunction device. More businesses today need to provide clients with material on-demand or require a printing method that can update the company on the latest changes.  

Here are some of the advantages of mobile printing:

  • Increase productivity and workflow
  • Saves resources by reducing the need for onsite printers
  • Better customer service since clients get orders faster
  • Improved flexibility so businesses can adapt to changes

On a single day, a company could experience multiple turns of events or delays that require the use of printers handling other essential tasks. A demand for more versatile printing methods is what causes most businesses to purchase additional printers. 

6 Benefits of Mobile Printing for Businesses

How do companies benefit from mobile print technology?  Here are six situations in which a business may need to use mobile print techniques.

1. Clients Want to Use Their Device

Some clients want to directly transfer print jobs from their phone or tablet, especially for complicated or detailed orders. In these instances, a business can conveniently print out the request for the client to save time.

2. Last-Minute Changes

Before sending a document out for a presentation, a worker may notice an error or forgot to add in important details. With only minutes to spare, mistakes can be fixed on a mobile device and completed before they’re due.  

3. When the Office Is Busy

There are many days when companies can’t spare any human resource for printing out additional documents, even if they are urgent. With mobile printing, a company can print any document instantly and continue prioritizing other office demands.

4. The Company IT Technician Isn’t Available

When the official printer specialist isn’t available to set up the settings of a printer, the activity of a printing department usually comes to a complete halt. Mobile printing simplifies the printing process for workers, so there are no delays. 

5. Prioritizing Printers for Other Tasks

Companies that handle large-scale print operations might want to keep a few printers open to handle any unexpected tasks. Workers can use their mobile device to instantly print out low-priority orders on printers that aren’t in operation.

6. Send a Print Order Through from Any Location

There are some cases where an office worker cannot get from one end of the building to the printing department in time to print out an order. Mobile printing allows users to send a document to print from any location in the company. 

Manage Urgent Print Demands with Cartridge World

Do business delays occur due to random or urgent printer tasks? It may be time to consider a new approach. Most print jobs require additional time and direct labor to set a print job out for completion. With mobile print technology, companies can maintain order inside the office, take on custom client orders, and reduce downtime caused by occasional document errors.

Cartridge World understands that businesses often handle time-sensitive print demands, which can reduce client satisfaction or productivity over time. Hire a printer management service that helps the company adapt to changes and send out urgent messages on time. Contact Cartridge World today to see how mobile print technology improves the workflow inside your company.