Will Cloud-based Printing Dominate in 2020?

Will Cloud-based Printing Dominate in 2020?
Will cloud-based printing dominate in 2020?

Every business can benefit from applying technology in ways that improve productivity and cut costs. Cloud-based printing is one tool, even small and mid-sized companies can implement to realize such a strategic advantage.

Many leading printer manufacturers have combined printer functionality with software and connectivity capabilities that make cloud-based printing technically feasible. This has also created unprecedented flexibility in printing for today’s mobile workforce. 

What Is Cloud-based Printing?

Cloud-based printing facilitates communication between digital devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones with printers that are located in the same office, across town, or in another state. This effectively replaces older technology for connecting printers and computers.

Dedicated or Wired Printers

Most computer users or businesses are familiar with the older method of connecting computers to printers with cables. In the past, network-connected printers allowed sharing between multiple computers or laptops that were also connected to the network with cables or docking stations.

Drawbacks to this technology include purchasing individual printers for each area, or even for each computer, especially when computers may be running different operating systems such as Windows vs. MAC. This means extra equipment expenses and supplies for each printer on the fleet.

Wireless or Wi-Fi-enabled Printers

As wireless networks have become more reliable and cost-effective, many homes and offices enjoy the flexibility of wireless connections that replace physical cabling with wireless routers and access points. This option adds the flexibility of movement and facilitates easier sharing of printers but is still limited to the local range of the Wi-Fi or wireless network.

Cloud-enabled Printers

Cloud printing harnesses the power of the internet to communicate with printers from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. By configuring printers in a cloud printing service, any authorized device can utilize the printer without the need to install drivers or printer-specific software. Compatibility issues with disparate devices or operating systems are no longer an issue.

This is a significant advantage for computer users who may need to print at other office locations or even when on the road or at customer sites.

Benefits of Cloud-based Printing

Like cloud computing, cloud printing is a trend that will dominate in 2020 for several reasons:

  • Flexibility – print anywhere, from any device
  • Workflow – utilize cloud printing services to improve efficiency with integrated workflow
  • Reduce costs – replace outdated printing equipment with modern multifunction printers
  • Increase productivity – leave printer management to an expert cloud printing service, freeing technical staff for more critical functions

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Cloud-based Printing

Pure flexibility offered by cloud printing is an essential benefit for businesses that adopt the technology, but there are many other reasons that are just as important.

  • Security – cloud printing includes configurable security so that only certain individuals or workgroups can access a specific printer. This allows businesses to control who can print to each device, and even what documents can be printed.
  • Workflow – with workflow incorporated in cloud-based printing, document distribution can be automated to route to the proper printer or group of printers automatically, speeding delivery of important documents and improving productivity.
  • Cost reductions – reduce administrative costs through the management of printers by the cloud printing service.
  • Efficiency – eliminate the continuous need to manage and install printer drivers and software on multiple devices.
  • ●        Control – cloud printing services provide software that monitors the use of each printer, resulting in better control of resources and the use of supplies. Printing costs amount to a considerable business expense that is not easily visible for many companies.
  • Environmental sustainability – by moving print functions to the cloud, the number of printers is reduced, also reducing the use of consumables.
  • Accessibility – cloud printing services offer enterprise-level solutions for even small and mid-sized companies. This provides access to feature-rich printing management for businesses that otherwise may not be able to justify such an investment.

Options for Implementing Cloud-based Printing

There are multiple ways that businesses can configure cloud-based printing:


Implementing cloud printing with an on-premise infrastructure gives companies the advantages of cloud-based printing but retains the server resources and software in-house. This is also referred to as a “private cloud” solution, utilizing the benefits of the software for flexibility and control, but retaining the supporting infrastructure.

Cloud Implementation

With a true cloud-based printing environment, businesses engage in complete cloud printing services for a total solution to:

  • Implement and manage the cloud software
  • Perform printer configurations
  • Manage printer use and monitor supplies
  • Maintain and update server resources

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