Xerox ConnectKey Technology – the Ultimate Tool for Small Businesses in Moline, Illinois

Xerox ConnectKey Technology – the Ultimate Tool for Small Businesses in Moline, Illinois
Xerox ConnectKey Technology the Ultimate Tool for Small Businesses in Moline, Illinois

Technology is one essential factor in maintaining a competitive edge for any business, large or small. Companies in Moline, Illinois, can realize many benefits from implementing proven technical tools such as Xerox ConnectKey.

ConnectKey combines the benefits of improved productivity, reduction in hard-copy documents, and streamlined business processes in a single solution.

What Is Xerox ConnectKey?

ConnectKey is a cutting-edge technology built to meet the needs of today’s digital workplace. Businesses have traditionally run on paper documents generated from multiple printers, faxes, and copiers. With ConnectKey and modern multifunction printers, this platform streamlines even small companies to electronic document routing and management, powered by customizable workflow.

Enabled by cloud connectivity, business documents are distributed to the correct individuals or workgroups at internet speed, allowing efficient collaboration between employees, vendors, and customers.

ConnectKey is designed specifically to take advantage of wireless devices, so that documents can be shared, viewed, edited, and printed from any device, whether in the office, across town, at home, or on the road. With the built-in functionality of these tools, employees are instantly more productive, saving small businesses time and money.

How Does ConnectKey Work?

Many companies are not aware of the considerable cost of managing paper documents. Each phase in the life of a paper document costs businesses in dollars and employee efficiency, as well as:

  • Paper and printer supplies
  • The power to run multiple printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines
  • The time spent in copying, mailing, printing, and filing paper documents
  • The valuable space for equipment, filing cabinets, and other document storage

ConnectKey Technology replaces outdated printers and other document equipment with the latest multifunction printers that scan, fax, copy, and print in one single, cloud-connected device. No longer are employees tied to a single printer on their desktop or to a network printer. Multifunction printers (MFPs) can be shared by teams or workgroups from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Customizable workflow brings new efficiency to standard office processes:

  • Sales orders received from customers can be directed electronically to the right employees to fulfill them, speeding customer service
  • Purchase orders are routed automatically for the appropriate approvals, then routed to vendors – all electronically
  • Invoices can be created and sent to customers digitally and stored in the cloud for processing payments and reference
  • Scan paper documents directly to the cloud for storage, editing, and quick retrieval

With ConnectKey-enabled printers, each user can customize their profile to meet the needs of their processes, saving everyone time. MFP devices include intuitive control panels that are familiar to today’s workforce, utilizing an interface similar to tablets and smartphones, including gesture-based functions.

How Xerox ConnectKey Benefits Small Businesses

ConnectKey is not designed only for large enterprises with vast arrays of printers and thousands of employees. Small businesses in Moline, Illinois, can reap many advantages from implementing MFPs managed by ConnectKey:

  • Security – ConnectKey incorporates secure management of documents. This includes management control over what users or teams have access to specific printers or functionality. This provides controls such as enabling HR teams to route confidential information to a printer without immediate printing. Printing is delayed until the employee arrives at the printer and authorizes it with a password or secure card scan. Even QR codes can be utilized to enhance printing security.
  • Document protection – ConnectKey Technology incorporates encryption and protection from malware to keep your documents safe from unauthorized access. One of ConnectKey’s most robust features is its focus on data security, including protecting documents from data breaches. Firmware Verification further ensures that devices are authorized for connectivity, adding another layer of protection from illegitimate use.
  • Workflow – customizable workflow is a benefit that streamlines document creation and distribution, increasing efficiency.
  • Translation – ConnectKey MFPs can automatically translate documents digitally between any supported languages automatically.
  • Cloud connectivity – secure storage and routing of electronic documents through any major cloud storage service.
  • Mobile workforces – create, print, edit, and distribute from anywhere, with any device.
  • Reduced cost – eliminate disparate devices such as scanners and multiple printers, replacing them with modern, energy-efficient multifunction printers.
  • Sustainability – enhance green initiatives through removing paper documents, replacing them with digital versions.
  • Productivity – eliminate paper-handling tasks, providing more time for productive work that focuses on customers or adds real value to the business.
  • Document sharing – electronic documents can be viewed and edited by any authorized employees or users, enabling efficient collaboration and speeding business processes – again saving companies time and money.

With all the benefits available from ConnectKey Technology, how do small businesses get started with this digital transformation?

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